Static Control Bags

Mil-Spec Packaging

Businesses that manufacture, distribute or ship products for military and/or federal applications need to meet more than standard packaging requirements. Plus, it’s important to note that military specifications are subject to updates and changes.

  • Huge inventory of materials cover a wide range of military specifications.
  • Where applicable, all material can be converted to meet MIL-DTL-117.
  • All material available in roll stock, tubing and pouch form.
  • We specialize in custom size and small quantity requirements.
  • Machine made pouches from 1” x 2” to 48” x 120”.
  • Hand-made bags and shrouds of unlimited size available.
  • Thermal transfer and 6 color printing capabilities.
  • Side gusset, bottom gusset and zipper configurations.

Grease-proof MIL-SPEC-qualified products: For shipping items such as machine and aircraft parts, our grease-proof MIL-SPEC products can be ordered in practically any size and quantity you need.

Water-vapor-proof MIL-SPEC materials: To prevent costly damage of items that are susceptible to corrosion, our water-vapor-proof MIL-SPEC materials offer the barrier protection you want to ensure your products arrive in pristine condition.

Heat-sealable MIL-SPEC products: We offer a large selection of heat-sealable MIL-SPEC products especially intended to protect delicate items from damage due to climate exposure.

When you need to protect sensitive products — such as electronic components — that are susceptible to damage or even explosion from electrostatic discharges, look no further than Elements Supply. Our wide assortment of ESD static bags are durable and economically priced — and they provide excellent Faraday cage performance.

In addition to our static shielding bags and black conductive plastic packaging, we offer MIL-SPEC-qualified static-shielding bags for robust protection of military components and munitions. Businesses ranging from electronics manufacturers to defense contractors trust the name Elements Supply because they know our products and services are among the best in the business.

We also offer Anti-Static bags which are perfect for securely packing electronic components or computer chips. These bags are great for static-sensitive items. We offer open-ended flat anti-static bags in 3 different thicknesses (2 Mil, 4 Mil, and 6 Mil).

We can also manufacture custom sizes with print to keep your products safe and unique with branding. If you are interested in any custom bags, give our team a call and provide a solution and quote based on your needs.