The most popular products at Elements Supply are Flat Poly Bags and Gusseted Poly Bags. The gusset in gusseted bags is the part in the bag that makes the bag stand upright on its own and grows in size when it’s filled with the product. The gusset can be found on the bag’s sides. Our Gusseted Bags provides stability and expandability to the product, which is excellent for product presentation. Our gusseted bags also take up less space inside of a storage shelf and can be easily transported around. 

With all the features and benefits, our gusseted bags are the ideal packaging for the following products:

  • Different types of food such as candy, nuts, coffee, baked products, and meat products.
  • Products that are bulky, huge, or oddly shaped.
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Medications
  • Arts and craft products

Flat polyethylene bags are the most commonly used bags for everyday use. That’s because they are superb at protecting your product at a cheaper price. Their difference from gusset bags is that they do not have the expanding pleat. These bags are a great option for packaging products such as food items and manufacturing components. 

In conclusion, choosing the right packaging bag plays an important role in businesses that deal with protecting items. A gusseted bag’s ability to expand when full makes it ideal for packing bulkier items and items in large quantities. Flat bags provide protection for lightweight products. And both bags give you clarity and a beautiful presentation of your products in the store and kitchen.

Please contact us should you have any questions or need suggestions in finding the best product to fit your needs.

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