Suffocation Warning Bags: A Must-Have for Safe Amazon FBA Packaging

By: Timothy Halimi

If you’re an Amazon selling FBA to ship your items to customers, it’s vital to understand Amazon’s requirements for poly bags. Using suffocation warning bags for your Amazon FBA custom packaging can help you adhere to Amazon’s shipping guidelines and ensure your customers’ safety and peace of mind.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, they receive about 25 reports per year about children who die due to suffocation from poly bags. Over 90% of children who are at risk for suffocation from self seal bags are under one year old. Research has shown that printing suffocation warning poly bags is an effective way to reduce the risk of infant deaths.

Suffocation warning bags must have a visible, printed warning that reads, for example: “Warning – To Avoid Danger Of Suffocation, Keep Away From Babies and Children. Do Not Use In Cribs, Beds, Carriages, or Playpens. This Bag Is Not a Toy.

Most e-commerce businesses on Amazon FBA use self seal poly bags that are large enough to fit over a child’s head. Amazon FBA packaging guidelines work to ensure customers’ and sellers’ safety and compliance by requiring poly bags with suffocation warning. Many cities, states, and brands have followed suit.

If you’re a growing e-commerce business that wants to protect your customers from disaster, shield yourself from liability, and follow local, state, or corporate legislation, then suffocation warning poly bags can help you meet these goals.

Navigating Amazon FBA guidelines can feel complex and challenging. Still, we’re here to break down Amazon FBA’s packaging requirements and ensure you have the suitable bags to meet and exceed seller expectations.

Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

According to Amazon FBA guidelines, sellers must ship some kinds of products in poly bags for several reasons:

  • Poly bags keep items from leaking or spilling, which could ruin other products in the same shipment.
  • Poly bags help shelter products from dirt and dust so they arrive at a customer’s door in pristine condition.
  • Any product with loose parts needs poly bags to prevent the items from getting separated in transit.

Ensuring that your wholesale poly bags stick to specific size guidelines is important. Using an oversized bag raises the risk that your product may get caught and ruined on conveyor belts in an Amazon warehouse.

Self-seal poly bags are a popular choice for safeguarding your products as an Amazon seller.

Skip any issues by ensuring that your packaging meets these specific Amazon requirements:

  • Any poly bags with an opening measuring five inches or larger when laid flat have a suffocation warning.
  • Poly bags suffocation warning can look like a label attached to the bag or a warning printed directly on the bag. This suffocation warning helps alert customers to the risk of suffocation from plastic bags. We recommend using self seal suffocation warning bags or suffocation warning ziplock bags to avoid issues with labels coming loose or getting lost.
  • Poly packaging should be at least 1.5mm thick.
  • Each bag must look completely transparent.
  • Each bag must have an XOO label, ASIN label, or scannable barcode attached to the outside of the bag. Our poly bags with suffocation warning wholesale options are customizable to fit your customized packaging needs.
  • Each bag must have a secure seal, such as our Lip-N-Tape Adhesive Tape Suffocation Warning Bags.
  • The poly packaging should not cover more than 3 inches beyond the size of the product.

What Kind of Suffocation Warning Bags Can You Use for Amazon FBA?

Now that we’ve covered Amazon FBA’s requirements for poly suffocation warning packaging size, thickness, and labeling, let’s dive into the kinds of poly bags that will help you stay on top of compliance and optimize your shipping process as an FBA seller.

Here’s how to package for Amazon FBA.

Self Seal Packaging

Our wholesale self seal bags made from 1.5 Mil Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) comply with Amazon FBA shipping standards. You can also choose our 1.5 Mil Lip-N-Seal Suffocation Warning Bag with an easy adhesive strip that is compliant with Amazon FBA and other e-commerce marketplace policies.

This self seal packaging lets users close the bag without requiring an impulse heat sealer. Just apply the self-seal adhesive strip to close and seal the bag against dust, dirt, and tampering.

A self seal bag is more convenient and cost-effective than other types of packaging that require you to buy and use an impulse sealer to seal each bag manually.

Our Amazon FBA custom packaging features a visible suffocation warning printed in English, Spanish, and French on the side of the bag.

Thanks to their affordable, efficient, and time-saving benefits, self seal suffocation warning bags are a popular choice to help Amazon FBA sellers maintain strict standards and streamline their packaging process.

Suffocation Warning Ziplock Bags

Another wholesale Amazon FBA packaging solution that we provide is ziplock bags. You can customize these bags with a printed suffocation warning label to ensure compliance and customer safety.

For example, our collection includes 2 Mil Reclosable Ziplock Bags and 4 Mil Reclosable Zip Lock Bags. These are perfect options for shipping heavier items, loose parts, or products that need extra protection against leakage.

The sturdy packaging thickness meets and exceeds Amazon FBA expectations. It has a reclosable zip-lock feature that ensures that your products stay put. Zip-lock bags with a suffocation warning also look more professional than flimsier packaging types and protect against spilled or lost items.

Professional-looking packaging that effectively protects your product can help set your brand apart and improve customer ratings and reviews.

Suffocation Warning Lip-N-Tape Adhesive Strip Bags, self seal suffocation warning bags, and ziplock bags offer safe, effective, and affordable ways to ship your products via Amazon FBA and boost your brand’s reputation.

5 Ways That Suffocation Warning Bags Can Optimize Your Amazon FBA Packaging Workflow


Our suffocation warning bags collection can help ensure a smooth packing process, create a positive customer experience, and meet specific poly bag requirements to stay in good standing as an Amazon seller.

1. Protect Your Product

One of the best reasons to use poly suffocation warning bags to ship your items is to protect your products from dirt, dust, and moisture during transit. This ensures that your products arrive intact and in optimal condition at your customer’s door.

2. Save Time and Money with Efficient and Cost-Effective Packaging

There’s no need to deal with bulky boxes or padded envelopes that take up more storage space and cost more to transport. Instead, opt for lightweight poly bags that are easy to store, cheaper to ship, and simpler for your customer to recycle.

Thanks to 1.5 Mil, 2 Mil, or 4 Mil thickness options, these bags are resilient, anti-tamper, and puncture resistant. Since they come with either adhesive tape, a self seal closure, or a ziplock feature, you can save time and money by not buying an impulse sealer or slowing down your packaging process.

Poly bags can help you slash purchasing and shipping costs. Buying wholesale is also more economical, enabling you to keep more of your earnings rather than shelling money out on pricier packaging solutions. You can even pass these savings on to your customers by selling affordable products that keep buyers coming back for more.

3. Improve Customer Experience

Customers are the lifeblood of any business.

When you use suffocation warning bags that alert customers to the risks of improper use, you can save lives and create a positive customer experience. Good experiences lead to loyal customers, better reviews, and increased seller visibility and revenue.

4. Enable Bundling

Optimize your shipping process by bundling multiple items to keep them safe and secure during shipment.

5. Meet Amazon FBA Multi-Packing Requirements

This is known as a multi-pack if you plan to ship two or more of the same products together. Poly bags with clear suffocation warnings are an excellent way to keep multiple quantities of the same item together as you prepare to ship and ensure that you meet Amazon FBA’s safety requirements.

The Bottom Line

Our suffocation warning bags are a great way to ensure a smooth Amazon FBA process, enhance your customers’ safety and satisfaction, and protect your company’s reputation.

Check out our poly bags with suffocation warnings wholesale options to get customized packaging solutions at the best price for all your business needs.